Grouper Fishing Trips – Full Day Private Charters

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It's a hot one, and the warm waters mean the big fish are biting. Summer is drawing to an end and Into The Blue Fishing Charter is booking Full Day Grouper Fishing Trips. We want you to join us on the open water of Destin, Florida. Captain Nino suggests a ten to twelve-hour trip for Grouper Fish.

What's The Catch?

The Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida is home to many species of Grouper Fish. Among the Groupers we catch are Red Groupers, Gag Groupers, Scamp Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge Grouper, and Warsaw Groupers. The Gag Grouper is commonly called the Grey Grouper.

Grouper Fishing

One of the more popular fish we catch is the Red Grouper. The Red Grouper is a tasty fish and a great to track in offshore fishing. The longer the trip, the larger and tastier the fish seem to be! And speaking of delicious the Scamp Grouper is said to be the tastiest of all Groupers. Scamps are always in deep waters. As we get even deeper Into The Blue waters, we find the Snowy Grouper. The Snowy Grouper weighs up to 70 pounds.  If you think that is big, the Warsaw Grouper world record weighs in at 436 pounds. Warsaws are huge! You could feed an army with this fish.

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Twelve Hour Grouper Fishing Trips

As you can see, the longer the fishing trip and the deeper the water, the bigger the catch! We enjoy dropping 400 to 450 feet for exotic groupers on a twelve-hour fishing trip. Book your twelve-hour fishing charter with Into The Blue. Captain Craig and Captain Nino offer one of a kind fishing experience. We also provide overnight fishing trips. Contact Us to book your fishing trip. Like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest fishing images. To prepare for your trip, remember to bring plenty of refreshments and snacks for your fishing charter. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen and your hat or sunshades.

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