Booking Spring Break Charters

Are you interested in booking a fun-filled day of fishing during Spring Break? Look no further than Into the Blue! Our fishing charter is booking day trips to catch Triggerfish, Scamp Grouper, Red Grouper, and Vermilion Snapper. You'll have the opportunity to experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing while enjoying the beautiful scenery and warm weather of Spring Break. Our knowledgeable crew will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Enjoy the lovely weather, get a big catch on the line, and create lasting memories with family and friends!


Triggerfish is a famous catch among deep-sea fishermen. These fish are known for their unique shape, with a compressed body and a large head. Their sharp teeth and jaws make them excellent predators in the Gulf. Triggerfish are abundant in warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, making them a famous catch for fishing charters. They are known for their delicious and firm meat, making a great meal.

Red Grouper

Red Grouper is a popular fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico. These bottom-dwelling fish reside in rocky or coral-filled areas, making them a challenging catch. However, with the assistance of our experienced crew, you will have a great chance of reeling in these delicious fish.

Scamp Grouper

The Scamp Grouper is an intriguing species of fish that typically resides at the bottom of the ocean in rocky reefs and ledges. Its natural habitat ranges from depths of 20 to 300 meters. The Scamp Grouper has a unique appearance, characterized by its large, rounded body and distinct coloration that can vary from reddish-brown to gray. Despite its considerable size, this fish is a stealthy hunter, making it a challenging catch for any angler.

Vermillion Snapper

Vermillion Snappers are known for their bright red color, which makes them a standout catch among anglers. Vermilion snappers are usually found in deeper waters, making them a challenging catch. However, with our knowledgeable crew's assistance, you'll have a great chance to catch one. Vermilion Snapper's flesh is delicate and sweet, making them a favorite among seafood lovers. The picture of the Vermillion Snapper is the biggest one we've caught on Into the Blue.

Book Your Fishing Charter

No matter what type of fish you are after, our captains, Groovy and Nino, will put you on them. You can book online if you are ready to secure your day fishing trip with Into the Blue. We also offer extended voyages if you want a fishing trip with a longer duration. Follow us on Facebook to stay current on our most recent catches. We hope to see you soon!

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