Multi-Day Charters for Scamp & Red Grouper

We are pleased to share that the current season brings some of the most delectable fish species, including the red grouper, scamp grouper, and triggerfish. These fish are highly sought after for their tender, succulent, and flavorful meat. The red grouper is especially prized for its firm texture and sweet, mild taste, making it ideal for grilling, frying, or baking.

Increase Your Chances

If you're booking a fishing charter to catch these fish, please note that scamp and red grouper can be targeted on charters booked for twelve hours or more. However, if you opt for a thirty-hour charter, you can double your catch limits for these species, allowing you to take home even more mouth-watering fish. With an extended charter, you'll have the opportunity to explore more of the bountiful waters and increase your chances of catching the prized red grouper and possibly a shot at a swordfish.

Fishing Charter Amenities

When you book overnight and multi-day charters, you get all the amenities of our fishing yacht, including a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen area, and more. Check out our previous blog, Extended Voyages Offshore for Tuna and Swordfish, to learn more about our overnight and multi-day charters.

Safe & Friendly Captains

Our fishing charter company takes pride in providing guests with a safe fishing and fun experience. Our experienced captains and friendly crew members are always ready to assist you with anything you need during your trip.

Book Your Multi-Day Charter

Immerse yourself in a unique experience of catching and savoring the freshest and most mouth-watering fish available. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity—contact Into The Blue today to learn about exclusive discounts on charters that last for eighteen hours or more. Secure your desired date for the fishing expedition by booking online, and embark on an unforgettable journey of creating memories with your family and friends! Remember to call for a booking if you want a multi-day charter.

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