Dolphin Cruises Aboard Into The Blue

Are you looking for Dolphin Cruises in Destin Florida? Did you know that our fishing charter offers an exclusive dolphin cruise for up to six passengers? Why join an overcrowded touring boat when you can have the intimate adventure at sea on a private charter. All this while viewing some of the coolest aquatic life the Emerald Coast has to offer. Our captains will take you out on a relaxing adventure on the Gulf Of Mexico and you can enjoy the best view in Destin.

Our Dolphin Cruises

The Bottle Nosed Dolphin is the most prevalent type of porpoise in our Gulf Waters. They are avid swimmers and have an incredible sense of sound. They love to show themselves near the harbor and in the open water. We can not guarantee dolphin sitings on every cruise because the aquatic life is unpredictable however we do spot them on almost every cruise we take. The dolphins here are very lively with all the boat traffic that is on water. As we cruise into the open water, you will notice they like to ride the boat’s wake. These creatures will put on a show and it is incredible to watch them in their natural habitat. Sometimes we even get the pleasure of seeing a whole pod of them and even new babies.

Booking Your Dolphin Cruise

When you experience aquatic life on our open waters, you will never forget the experience. It is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon on the Gulf Of Mexico. If you are ready to book your Dolphin Cruise, please Contact Us. Remember to like and share us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest news and fishing pictures. Come join Captain Groovy and Captain Nino for a relaxing cruise Into The Blue.

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