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Summer Fishing is starting now and will bring us really big fish as the water temperature continues to rise. Florida's Gulf Coast is home to many different fish species of all sizes. The Greater Amberjack, Spanish Mackerel, and Marlin are all sought after and often caught fish in our area. We are now booking Summer Fishing Charters and look forward to being your personal guide on your next fishing adventure.

What's Biting on Our Summer Fishing Charters?

All year long, our Gulf Waters are full of fish, but the warm summer months are especially plentiful as fish spawn and begin to feed in reefs and on squid and plankton. The Gulf of Mexico is optimal for fishing in May. We have some of the clearest water even at high depths at this time of year. We want to tell you a little about the fish that are biting this summer.


Triggerfish are usually found in artificial reefs and natural bottoms. The Triggerfish feed during the day and can be found swimming closer to the surface to get your bait.

Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack Fishing Season opened on May 1st and lasts until May 31st. This is a huge fish and a great catch. These fish can reach up to six feet and up to two hundred pounds. We love being a part of these catches. This fish puts up a big struggle and gives even the most experienced angler a challenge.

Spanish Mackerel

The Spanish Mackerel are plentiful in our warm gulf waters. These fish are in the same fish family as the tunas.  Spanish Mackerel swim in large groups and make for some good eating.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin get up to sixteen feet and can weigh over one thousand pounds. That is a huge catch! This challenge is for the brave angler who is ready to put up a fight against this beast of a fish. Finding and catching this fish requires going to deeper waters of the Gulf, so if you are fishing for Blue Marlin, a full day trip will be perfect for you. This is a trophy fish so if you are looking to catch Blue Marlin, don't forget your camera.

Book with Us Today

Summertime is a busy time for fishing charters in Destin Florida and we are booking quickly. Book your trip early so you can ensure a spot on our boat. When you book with us, you can consider the fishing vessel yours for the time you are at sea. Our captains are here to ensure you have a prosperous fishing adventure. We look forward to hearing from you.

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