Overnight Fishing Charter for Swordfish

Destin Fishing Charters - Overnight Fishing Charter On The Gulf Of Mexico

Now that the weather is a little colder, it is perfect timing for an Overnight Fishing Charter for Swordfish. The captains of Into The Blue invite you to join them on a one of a kind fishing adventure. An overnight trip makes our chances greater of locating some Swordfish and getting a bite.

About Swordfish

Swordfish can reach up to twelve hundred pounds and fourteen feet long. That's a whopper of a fish! Swordfish are speedy swimmers and can reach sprints of up to sixty miles per hour. Make sure you bring your A-game when catching a Swordfish, between their speed and size, they are some heavyweight fighters. The fish use their sword to attack boats and sometimes anglers in an attempt to break free, so be prepared for a struggle. If you can withstand the fight, this is one of the most rewarding fish to catch. Their size and speed alone are majestic, but these fish can also live up to thirty years, which is a long life for a fish.

Swordfish love all temperatures but are partial to colder temperatures like those found in underwater caves and deep waters. We encourage an Overnight Fishing Charter for Swordfishing is so we can go deep into the blue waters to locate these huge fish. Once you have worked really hard to catch this fish, which you surely will enjoy its tasty meat. Swordfish is known for its steak-like texture and work really well on kabobs.

Book An Overnight Fishing Charter

If you are ready to hunt this amazing sea creature, Contact Us. Captain Groovy and Captain Nino are looking forward to cruising Into The Blue sea and putting you on the fish. Like and follow us on Facebook to see our latest fishing images and big catches.

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